Witchcraft District Wand Art on You Magic Witch Broom

Welcome to Witchcraft District Bazaar!

Come Inside and Take Some Magic Home With You.

Witchcraft District Bazaar is a proud woman-owned shop, by Witch, Creative, and Seamstress, Priestess Renee M. Anderson. Behind the scenes of WDB and operating Art on You inside the Bazaar is Renee's Husband, Warlock and Artist, Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson. Witchcraft District Bazaar offers a wonderful selection of products serving the needs of many different Witch paths, handcrafted works, original art, magically charged artworks, occult items, ritual tools and altar pieces, jewelry, books, tarot, dried organic herbs, incense, healing crystals, decor, commemorative novelties to remember the unique area including Witchcraft District branded items, apparel and accessories to display your experience or pride in Weird Poughkeepsie and The Witchcraft District and So Many More Fun and Magical Things!

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Inside the back end of the Bazaar is Art on You where Reverend Storm will be performing the real Experience of Tattoo Magic! You will have the opportunity to schedule a private appointment for custom, one-of-a-kind, magical, healing and power sigils. Or, you may choose to get an all new, custom, original tattoo inspired by unlimited subject matter. Learn more about Art on You by clicking on the button below!